white aluminum ceiling tiles

The color of the aluminum ceiling is actually related to the atmosphere of the entire home environment, so the color matching of the integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling is an important element of home decoration. When considering the installation of an integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling, it is necessary to have an overall color scheme from the beginning, cleverly used with the integrated ceiling, which is very suitable for indoor color matching. When using integrated ceiling aluminum ceilings for home decoration, you should consider the colors of the walls and tiles or cabinets to make a plan. Generally, the overall feel of metal aluminum gussets with tiles of the same color will be compared. Sturdy, when choosing the same color metal aluminum gusset product on the wall, pay attention to the color coordination with the tile, that is, in the same color system, try to choose the color that matches the wall tile, so that it will look more comfortable. 

Tip 1: If the wall color is strong, it is best to use white aluminum ceiling tiles. Generally speaking, using white aluminum ceiling tiles is the least error-prone way, especially when the wall color is strong, and the ceiling color is white. It will not take away the wall color that should be emphasized, otherwise it will easily produce a sense of disorder due to too much color. 

Tip 2: The color selection of the integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling should consider the lighting conditions of the living room. The lighting conditions of the living room have a great influence on the choice of ceiling color. For those with good lighting, the range of choice is relatively loose, while low floors and low-illuminance floors should pay attention to choosing aluminum ceilings, high brightness and appropriate colors, and try to avoid dark aluminum ceilings. 

Tip 3: The color of the integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling cannot be darker than the floor. The top color is generally no more than three colors. The basic rule for choosing the color of the integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling is that the color should not be darker than the floor, otherwise it is easy to feel top-heavy. If the wall color is very light, a white ceiling will be more suitable. The integrated ceiling aluminum ceiling must match the furniture. The combination of aluminum ceiling and furniture is also very important. With the color of the furniture, the color of the aluminum ceiling should be better. With the continuous improvement and perfection of modern technology, integrated suspended ceiling aluminum ceilings have more advantages than traditional ceilings, such as not easy to be affected by moisture, mold, and bursting. In terms of color matching, everyone has a different feeling for each decoration style. It is best to consult a professional interior designer before decoration.