External wall insulation aluminum veneer

As a new type of material, external wall insulation aluminum veneer has superior performance and is very popular. In the future, aluminum veneer will inevitably occupy a larger market and bring more possibilities for architectural decoration. In the north, heat preservation is very important. Aluminum veneer conforms to the development trend of low-carbon life in the country. It plays a very good role in energy saving and environmental protection. Its use effect is very good and its appearance is beautiful. It is the first choice for many high-end decorations.

  1. Energy saving. The use of aluminum veneer can meet the requirements of energy saving in the north, and can improve the comfort of living and indoor thermal stability.
  2. Improve the dampness of the wall. In order to prevent condensation, an air layer is required for the inner insulation layer, and no air layer is required for external insulation. Moreover, the insulation material will not get damp under the protection of the exterior curtain wall layer. At the same time, the outer insulation layer increases the temperature of the entire wall of the structural layer. , Reduce the humidity, thus improve the insulation performance of the wall, and improve the moisture of the wall.
  3. Change the room temperature. The internal solid wall has a large heat capacity. The additional insulation layer on the outside of the wall can slow down the change of indoor temperature and make the room temperature more stable. The external insulation material in summer can reduce the transfer of solar radiation heat and reduce the impact of high outdoor temperature, thereby making the building winter Warm and cool in summer.
  4. Increase the usable area of the house. Compared with internal thermal insulation technology, external wall insulation increases the indoor use area by nearly 1%.
  5. Aluminum veneer is safe and reliable, and is more suitable for high-rise buildings. The construction is not affected by the season, the operation is more convenient, and it solves many problems caused by the wet operation of the external insulation, such as wall cracking, hollowing, etc., and the building appearance is more beautiful.

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