Hyperbolic aluminum veneer

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer is a high-end product in aluminum veneer processing because of its unique shape and complex technology and exquisite requirements for production equipment and technicians. Our company has strong strength. Adhering to the excellent aluminum veneer processing technology for many years, we have introduced production equipment with international level, and have the production capacity of molding, rolling and skin stretch bending, which can meet the various difficult needs of our customers.

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer features

  1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength
  2. It has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance, and can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet erosion. It can ensure no discoloration, discoloration, peeling, bursting and pulverization for 10 years.
  3. Self cleaning. Due to the special molecular structure of fluorocarbon coating, the dust on its surface can not be attached at all. In addition, the tension technology of ion and water contact surface is adopted, so this product has good self-cleaning without special cleaning.
  4. High strength, the high-quality alloy aluminum used has high strength, and due to the welding process adopted at the opening, the rigidity of the aluminum plate is greatly improved to ensure the wind resistance, shock resistance, rainwater leakage, air leakage, lightning protection and impact resistance of the curtain wall.
  5. Surface treatment, fluorocarbon spraying, acrylic spraying and powder spraying can be carried out, and the color can be selected arbitrarily. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration.
  6. The installation and construction is convenient and fast. The aluminum veneer can be processed and formed arbitrarily in the factory according to the customer's drawings, and can be installed on site.
  7. It can be recycled without garbage accumulation. It is a good environmental protection product. Aluminum plate can be recycled 100%, which is different from glass, ceramics, aluminum plastic and other decorative materials.