Aluminum foam sheet

Aluminum foam sheet is a kind of aggregate made of molten aluminum or aluminum alloy, which is added titanium hydride TiH2, calcium Ca as foaming agent and tackifier. After stirring and melt foaming process, the aggregate made of bubbles and aluminum diaphragms, the irregularity and three-dimensional nature of bubbles make it possess many excellent characteristics.

Aluminum foam sheet

Main features:

Because it is a unique structure composed of a single porous air unit, with a large number of pores inside, it has the advantages of light weight and high strength. At the same time, it has the special advantages of energy absorption, impact resistance, sound absorption, electromagnetic shielding, high damping, low thermal conductivity, low conductivity, waterproof, fireproof, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, low moisture absorption, non-aging, non-toxic and so on.

Main purpose:

Aluminum foam, as a sound absorption and noise reduction material, building decoration materials, structural sandwich materials, energy absorbing cushioning materials and electromagnetic shielding materials, has been widely applied to various fields such as rail transportation, aerospace, military, railway, highway, bridge, tunnel, aircraft, ship, automobile, factory, building, chemical industry, power communication and so on.

Aluminum foam sheet manufacturer

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