Aluminum Cladding Panel

Aluminum Cladding Panel (sometimes referred to as aluminum veneer and aluminum solid plate) is a building aluminum plastic plate and decorative surface protective coating processed and formed with aluminum or aluminum alloy as raw materials.

Aluminum cladding panel has good rigidity, high strength, convenient construction and installation, recyclable and reprocessable, wide color selectivity, can be processed into a variety of creative shapes, good decorative effect, corrosion resistance, strong pollution resistance, long service life and other excellent characteristics.


Aluminum cladding panel are mostly used for internal assembly. Seamless assembly is adopted between plates, which makes the visual effect more perfect, and the error is generally controlled within 1mm. Our company introduces imported CNC bending machine, engraving and other high-precision equipment to produce closely assembled aluminum veneers. Applicable places: senior office buildings, corridors, stations, factories, hospitals, clubs, banks, shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc