honeycomb aluminum panel

In order to reduce the impact of subway wheel and rail noise on the driver’s cab, based on the micro

perforation theory and practical engineering applications, a new micro-perforated aluminum honeycomb panel is redesigned to improve its sound insulation and sound absorption performance. Use LMS Virtual Lab to simulate the sound insulation and absorption coeffi cient of new aluminum honeycomb panel, and verify the accuracy of the simulation results through the experiment of measuring the sound insulation by the reverberation chamber method and the sound absorption coefficient by the standing wave tube method. The results show that, compared with ordinary aluminum honeycomb panel, the sound insulation performance of the two is similar. The sound insulation amount of new aluminum honeycomb panel is 26.8dB, and that of ordinary aluminum honeycomb panel is 27.1dB. The sound absorption performance of new aluminum honeycomb panel is significantly improved. Its noise reduction coefficient is 0.63, while that of ordinary aluminum honeycomb panel is only 0.17. To sum up,the new aluminum honeycomb panel greatly improve the acoustic