decorative perforated aluminum sheet

The decorative perforated aluminum sheet adopts the aluminum alloy plate of the base plate, rectangular holes or round holes and other hole patterns. The plate surface is flat, the hole pattern is uniform, the rigidity is high, the material is light, and the material is corrosion-resistant, tasteless, green and environmentally friendly, and has the advantages of high ventilation and air permeability.

The decorative perforated aluminum sheet has good permeability and beautiful appearance, and the effect presented by different angles is different, it is not easy to be stained, and it is easy to clean and maintain. High-voltage electrostatic powder coating treatment makes it difficult to adhere to contaminants on the surface and has good cleanliness.

The characteristics of decorative perforated aluminum sheet: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy to install, bright and easy to feel. The aluminum sheet is formed in the factory, and the construction site does not need to be cut, but simply fixed; the decorative perforated aluminum sheet can be recycled Utilization is beneficial to environmental protection.

The hole pattern of the perforated decorative board is simple, but after processing and shaping by our professional and technical personnel, it has become a fashionable and atmospheric exterior wall decorative metal plate mesh. Its decorative effect is also obvious to all. It is not a simple design. Elimination, people have different preferences, this simple and atmospheric effect has been praised by many people.

 The decorative perforated aluminum sheet is suitable for ceiling curtain wall decoration of airports, stadiums, schools, banks, hotels, offices, shopping centers, libraries, stations, factories, hospitals and other projects.