curved aluminum wall panels

Curved aluminum wall panels have good appearance display effect. It can create personalized buildings, and it can be designed and processed according to various customer requirements to meet the personalized construction requirements of the construction party;

The surface of curved aluminum wall panels can also be painted with various colors to further enhance the visual impact. The properties of aluminum plate surface coating are strictly in accordance with customer requirements, and the color can be provided by the company with standard color card for customer selection.

curved aluminum wall panels

The structure of aluminum alloy curtain wall panels of curved aluminum wall panels is mainly based on the requirements of customers. Mineral wool and rock wool can be added on the back of aluminum panels to enhance the effects of thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation.  

Excellent performance of aluminum wallboard:

  1. it has good weather resistance and UV resistance, and the color is very durable and stable, which can be maintained for less than ten or even twenty years;
  2. Excellent acid and alkali resistance, high energy, and can withstand the wind and sun in harsh environment;
  3. Good adhesion, high toughness, strong impact resistance, smooth coating, strong pollution resistance and easy cleaning;
  4. Wide color range, bright and beautiful, and good texture. There are monochrome paint and metallic paint, which can meet the requirements of customers.

Curved aluminum wall panels are more complex and time-consuming than other aluminum veneers in terms of cost, cost and manufacturing process. Moreover, it is difficult to produce in batch, so its cost is much higher than that of ordinary aluminum veneers. However, due to its good performance, it is loved by customers with its beautiful shape.