What are the advantages of aluminum ceilings

Aluminum ceiling has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, machinery, home appliances, building decoration and other industries, with easy processing, light weight, non-flammable, good weather resistance and other advantages. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers say aluminum ceilings are commonly used decorative materials and are made of plates made of stamping, stamping and anode oxide colored aluminum alloy, replacing traditional heavy gypsum ceilings. So, today aluminum ceiling manufacturers said to find out what the advantages of aluminum ceiling?

1, first of all, rich shape. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers say traditional aluminum ceilings are square. With the further development of aluminum alloy processing technology, the shapes and patterns of the best-selling aluminum ceilings have also changed in variety, including patterns, bars, grilles and hollow flowers. A variety of model styles can be used. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers say there is enough space to improve the uniformity of the overall decoration, using square aluminum buckle ceilings, limited beams of space to use the format ceiling can reduce depression.

2. The aluminum ceiling is lightweight. Aluminum smallchim manufacturers said that from the quality of aluminum alloy lighter than gypsum, light steel dragon bone quality and volume are under the wooden dragon bone. And the performance of light steel is also superior to the wooden dragon bone. The occupied building does not carry much weight. Some damp bungalows, old wooden houses and prefabribriited buildings are often decorated and renovated with aluminum ceilings. Because of the overall reliability of the steel frame structure, the use of aluminum ceilings in areas such as subway stations is also highly recognized!

3. Aluminium ceiling is easy to process. Aluminum small-scale manufacturers said that aluminum metal material is relatively soft, good plasticity, can bend into stamping molds, cold stamping, bending, pe and so on, and can seamlessly stitch the gray mirror cut the raw materials, can very easily put an end to lamps, ceiling ceiling parts of the non-fit. In the hotel restaurant, hall service hall, KTV, people often see the application of beautiful and generous aluminum ceiling,

With the development of aluminum ceiling production and processing technology, aluminum ceiling has long been used not only in interior space design. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers say the aluminum ceiling has good stiffness and is popular in high-speed toll booths, school doors, street communities, international conference centers and other areas.