aluminum spandrel ceiling

The aluminum spandrel ceiling is based on aluminum alloy sheet. It has the characteristics of many colors, strong decoration and good weather resistance. It is fireproof, moisture-proof, easy to install and easy to clean. Its material is relatively light, safe to use, and takes a long time. , Aluminum alloy is a good ceiling material. The main considerations in the purchase are: First, the anti-corrosion effect, and the aluminum gusset has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

The quality of the aluminum sheet is not that the thicker the aluminum sheet, the better, most of the 0.8-thick home improvement aluminum sheets on the market are inferior products produced by small processing plants. Inferior aluminum gussets are often used on the aluminum substrate and the aluminum gusset film. The thickness of the aluminum substrate is usually reduced, while the very thick film is used on the aluminum substrate. Even some aluminum gussets on the market have only aluminum substrates. 0.43mm, but the film has 0.3mm. (In the face of consumers, it is said that this is 0.8 thick) The aluminum gusset base material is too thin and the film is too thick, which will also reduce the performance of the aluminum gusset. Because the cost of the aluminum gusset substrate is low, and the thickness can cater to the psychology of unknowing consumers, it is very deceptive, and many consumers are easily fooled.

In fact, considering the installation span requirements, under the premise of using high-quality aluminum, experts suggest that the thickness of the aluminum gusset plate is 0.6-0.7 is sufficient, because this thickness of the aluminum gusset plate is the most cost-effective and can fully meet the load-bearing strength . If the thickness is thicker, it will not only waste resources, but also increase the unnecessary economic burden of consumers. Good quality aluminum plates have a certain degree of hardness, elasticity and toughness, and can be bent to a certain extent to restore the original shape, and will not be aging and deformed after long-term use. Flick the aluminum gusset with your fingers. The metal sound of the aluminum gusset with better material is more obvious and crisp, and the sound of poor material is dull, and the metal sound is not obvious.