aluminum exterior wood ceiling planks

Aluminum exterior wood ceiling planks are made of aluminum alloy as the base plate and processed by various processes such as bending, compression molding, welding, and surface treatment. The surface is flat and smooth, with good corrosion resistance. It can be treated with fluorocarbon spraying, electrolytic plating and other surface treatments, and has rich colors. It is an exterior material in current architectural decoration and is widely used in wall decoration of various commercial or industrial buildings. 

Aluminum exterior wood ceiling planks  are corrosion-resistant, resistant to exterior lines, and do not fade for a long time. The color, plate thickness, and curvature can be customized according to the needs to meet the actual construction needs. The installation and maintenance are convenient and flexible, and the installation and maintenance costs are reduced. Adopt the paint of American PPG and Dutch Akzo Nobel. 

Aluminum exterior wood ceiling planks  are personalized, and any customized products can be customized according to customer requirements.