aluminum decorative ceiling panel

Aluminum decorative ceiling panel is an important ceiling material in the decoration process. The quality of this material itself is very light, and the material is very rigid and has good impact resistance. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers have created unique colors and unique shapes, which are convenient for customers to choose.

But do you know what types of aluminum decorative ceiling panels are available?

The first type is aluminum grille. This type of aluminum grille ceiling has been widely used in recent years. This type of grille is composed of main ribs and auxiliary ribs that cross vertically and horizontally, showing the appearance of a grid and a box . The aluminum grille is brightly colored, sturdy and durable, and will not fade. It has good corrosion resistance, fire safety and waterproof noise reduction.

The second type is aluminum square pass, the nostalgic ceiling ceiling decorated with this material, the wire frame is brisk, the overall color brightness is very harmonious, and the colors are also diverse. When a suitable height ratio is used to adapt the visual angle of view, it will cause countless projection effects, so the design plan will be very generous.

The third type is the U-shaped aluminum square tube. This aluminum ceiling has an open line of sight, is very natural and has good air permeability, and the wire frame is very neat and clearly visible, which conforms to the simple place. Moreover, this U-shaped aluminum square tube is very convenient for installation or disassembly, and it is the most popular aluminum ceiling product in recent years.

The fourth type is aluminum round steel pipe. This kind of aluminum round steel pipe is a popular aluminum ceiling decoration design product in recent years. Because it looks very round and bright, it looks very rich and generous on the outside. No matter how the decoration plan changes, as long as the U-shaped aluminum square tube is used, it will appear very fashionable.

The above 4 aluminum decorative ceiling panel styles conform to the different styles of customers, allowing customers to choose their own decoration style.