aluminum composite panel ceiling

Aluminum composite panel ceiling, as a new decorative material, is rapidly favored by people because of its economy, diversity of optional colors, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance, excellent fire resistance and noble quality.

Aluminum composite panel ceiling is a commonly used building decoration material. Its upper and lower base plates and panels are aluminum alloy sheets with good rigidity. It is an excellent product in the current metal curtain wall materials. It is widely used in building decoration and manufacturing industries such as train, automobile and ship.

aluminum composite panel ceiling

Aluminum composite panel ceiling has light weight and strong decoration, and supports Customization:

Thickness: 0.1-500mm

Width: 20-2650mm

Length: 500-16000mm

Structural features of aluminum composite panel ceiling:

  1. The strength and rigidity of bearing weight are large and the force is uniform.
  2. Good sound insulation effect and good heat insulation.
  3. It has excellent fatigue resistance.
  4. The surface is flat and beautiful.
  5. Wide application range, durability and good economy.

The unique performance of aluminum composite panel ceiling determines its wide application: it can be used for building exterior wall, curtain wall panel, reconstruction and renovation of old buildings, indoor wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signboard, display stand, purification and dust prevention works.