aluminum ceiling sheets

Open kitchen ceiling precautions? How to choose the aluminum ceiling sheets for home

  1. The ceiling of the kitchen is convenient for the cleaning of kitchen lampblack. If the kitchen is contaminated with lampblack dust, it will be more convenient to clean up. Round edge strip ceiling, arc ceiling can be selected according to their own preferences.
  2. The aluminum gusset plate manufacturer of the machine room said that the ceiling of the machine room can be effectively concealed, and the wiring is carried out according to the equipment demand, and no hidden line is exposed outside.

Aluminum ceiling plate manufacturers said that the process can reasonably resist the corrosion of external environment on aluminum gusset plate ceiling, and reasonably increase the application time of aluminum ceiling. The installation is convenient and quick, the disassembly is simple, and the application of simple button structure makes the disassembly and maintenance very convenient and quick! Aluminum gusset plate ceiling thickness specifications, the larger the aluminum gusset plate ceiling application of raw materials will be more, then of course the price is relatively expensive!

Aluminum gusset ceiling price?

At present, there are many kinds of aluminum gusset plate ceiling in the market, and the thickness and style are also different, so its price is also different. Generally speaking, the price of aluminum gusset plate with less material, thin thickness and simple shape is relatively cheap, at 50-100 yuan / m2; the price of aluminum gusset plate ceiling of brand is relatively higher, at 100-200 yuan / m2, or even higher. Each manufacturer, brand, model are different, specific price consulting staff.

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