aluminum ceiling planks

The aluminum suspended ceiling produced by Henan Chalco includes an aluminum substrate. The surface of the aluminum substrate is coated with a composite spray paint layer, and the surface of the composite spray paint layer is stamped with a pattern layer. This new type of aluminum ceiling adopts acrylic resin coating, which has high hardness, acid and alkali resistance, and salt mist resistance. Its curing speed is fast. It is cured at room temperature without thermal deformation, low energy consumption, and no pollution. The surface is evenly distributed and stable; it adopts a patterned pattern layer, with rich colors, complete specifications and wide selection by users.

Aluminum ceiling planks produced by Henan Chalco have a variety of varieties and complete functions, including: aluminum baffle ceiling, aluminum screen ceiling, aluminum strip ceiling, aluminum perforated ceiling tiles and aluminum grid ceiling. The products produced by Chalco Henan also include decorative materials such as aluminum veneer and metal roofing systems. The company develops and produces coated aluminum-plastic panels, halogen-free fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels, imitation stone panels, high scratch resistance, and porcelain aluminum panels. It produces 6 million square meters of aluminum-plastic panels of various specifications, 2 million square meters of aluminum single panels, and 800,000 square meters of metal roofing systems. It is exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Russia, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Friends from all over the world are welcome to inquire.