aluminum ceiling panel price

When people decorate, they usually pay attention to large products such as cabinets and furniture, but they don't pay much attention to the ceiling. In fact, a good choice of ceiling materials can not only guarantee the service life, but also avoid a lot of trouble. Must choose the good ceiling material. High quality aluminum ceiling panel can not only beautify the living room, but also protect the ceiling, easy to clean and conceal the pipeline. In the current home decoration, the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other locations will use the ceiling.

Because pure aluminum is soft, so aluminum ceiling has aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum manganese alloy, etc. The hardness of aluminum manganese alloy gusset plate is higher, while the hardness and brightness of aluminum magnesium alloy gusset plate are increased. Good texture, strong decorative effect. High quality aluminum manganese alloy gusset plate is commonly known as stainless aluminum because of its good corrosion resistance. There are four kinds of surface treatment for aluminum gusset plate: there are many kinds of surface treatment methods for aluminum gusset plate on the market, such as roll coating, film covering, paint baking, wire drawing, etc.

Price of aluminum ceiling

  1. There are many brands of aluminum ceiling in the market now. It is necessary to know that the price difference of different brands is relatively large, which is mainly related to raw materials, production technology and product brands. Aluminum gusset ceiling is usually priced at a fixed price, but some products are also priced according to the package price, that is, every 3 square meters or every 4 square meters. The price of 1 square meter must be quoted carefully at the time of purchase.


  1. Aluminum gusset plates have different lengths and widths, sizes and thicknesses. The common length and width dimensions are 300 mm × 300 mm, and other specifications such as 328 mm × 328 mm and 600 mm × 600 mm are usually used. As for its thickness is usually 0.5 mm or 0.6 mm, there are thinner, less than 0.5 mm specifications.


  1. In addition to the product cost, the aluminum gusset panel ceiling has additional installation cost. Big brand products usually include the installation fee in the product fee, but not every brand product. A separate installation fee is usually calculated at about 60 yuan per square meter.

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