aluminium strip false ceiling

Henan Chalco specializes in the production of aluminum strip false ceilings, which are formed by 5052/3003 alloy fluorocarbon spraying, and then processed into strips by machine. They are resistant to acid and alkali, and can not change color for 20 years, and can be customized according to customer needs. 

Advantages of aluminium strip false ceiling

  1. Beautiful appearance and flexible matching. The aluminum buckle ceiling has clear and smooth lines and stylish and diverse appearance. Different panel sizes can be flexibly matched to create different decorative effects.
  2. Simple structure, easy to install and unload. The product is a standard keel snap-on structure, with a flat appearance and simple structure. During installation, only the keel needs to be hoisted according to the horizontal line and the plate is buckled up. Disassembly and maintenance are also simple.
  3. Fire prevention and moisture prevention. While playing a decorative role, it also has the functions of sound absorption, heat preservation, fire prevention and moisture prevention.
  4. Strong practicability and wide application. The product is suitable for office buildings, corridors, airports, banks, exhibition halls, public toilets and private residences, and has good decorative effects in various decorations.
  5. Compared with ceilings made of other materials, aluminum strip false ceiling, the material is lighter, and it is not easy to fall off after long-term use. And because the aluminum ceiling is made of metal, it is easier and simpler to clean. And because of its metallicity, it has better sound insulation and moisture-proof and heat-insulation effects. It is just so many advantages that make the service life of aluminum ceilings longer. However, aluminum ceilings have relatively high requirements for installation technology. If the skills are not good enough, the aesthetics will be greatly reduced.

Aluminium strip false ceiling is practical and beautiful. It is the advantage and charm of aluminum strip false ceiling. As the city becomes bigger and bigger, our lifestyle will become more and more "high-rise". With the prosperity of the decoration industry Be loved by more people.