aluminium louvre panels

Aluminium louvre panels are a kind of curtains that are widely used, made into the shape of louvers, mainly made of aluminum alloy that is not easy to rust. It has the advantages of light weight and durability. It is a kind of soft furnishings for new homes, newly built buildings will basically be used for decoration.

Use of aluminium louvre panels

Use the manual knob or push rod motor to drive the internal connecting rod to move to realize the turning function of the blade. The blade has a turning angle of 0~105 degrees, which can be adjusted at will. When the blade angle is 90 degrees, the maximum ventilation effect can be obtained. When the temperature is 15-25 degrees, it can effectively prevent peeping outside, and when the blades are completely closed, it can block the invasion of rainstorm. If the electric system is selected, it can be linked with the fire control center as an automatic smoke exhaust and heat dissipation gate. The blade size has four specifications: 10×50, 8×101, 13×104, 13×125mm (thickness×width), all of which are double-layer hollow materials, which can effectively maintain indoor temperature and reduce noise.  Requirement: For outdoor installation, it is recommended that the width of the single frame size should not be greater than 1.2m, and the height should not be greater than 1.6m

Aluminium louvre panels, as a special and durable decoration, can change the monotonous style of the room at any time and add more beauty. Because this kind of window is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the overall weight is very light, and it is very convenient for transportation and installation.

In the process of applying this kind of aluminum alloy blinds in our lives, it will not show the phenomenon of fading due to long-term exposure to sunlight. This kind of aluminum alloy shutters uses aluminum blades with high heat reflectivity, which can reflect most of the solar heat energy, which helps to improve the hot and cold cycle ending of the air conditioner, thereby achieving a brilliant environmental protection and energy saving ending.