aluminium insulation ceiling panels

Aluminum insulation ceiling panels are vertical and can be bent greatly, providing architects and interior designers with a unique design space, making the interior of the building more beautiful and generous, creating a unique visual and texture effect. Sound-absorbing and heat-insulating aluminum ceilings not only have the sound absorption function of yue, but also provide a broad design space for architectural design, and have a variety of environmental protection properties, which help sustainable development. 

Aluminium insulation ceiling panels are made by sticking non-woven sound-absorbing cloth, glass fiber and tin foil insulation paper on the back of the aluminum gusset plate to achieve the effect of double sound absorption and heat insulation. The sound absorption of the ceiling is achieved by the suction holes and the sound-absorbing material on the back of the ceiling, so that each ceiling panel can easily become a sound-absorbing metal ceiling. Different sound-absorbing effects can be achieved according to the sound-absorbing material, sound flow resistance and the perforation rate of the suction hole. The special sound-absorbing non-woven fabric can reduce the acoustic impedance through the aluminum ceiling to the same level as the impedance of the air, forcing the sound wave through the non-woven fabric structure, causing friction, which causes functional loss, thereby reducing the sound wave value. The special non-woven ultra-wave shape design makes the processing and installation extremely simple, and it can be directly pasted on the aluminum ceiling in the factory, which saves the cost of speaking and reduces the workload of the project site. The glass wool of aluminium insulation ceiling panels is made of molten glass fiberized to form a cotton-like material. The chemical composition is glass and it is an inorganic fiber. It has good molding, low bulk density, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, and sound absorption. Good performance, corrosion resistance and stable chemical performance.Glass wool is a porous sound-absorbing material, with a large number of tiny pores and pores connected inside and outside. When sound waves are incident on the centrifugal glass wool, the sound waves can enter the material along the pores, causing the air molecules in the void to vibrate. Due to the viscous resistance of air and the friction between air molecules and the pore wall, sound energy is converted into heat energy and is lost. It is the best material for building thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction. 


Features of aluminium insulation ceiling panels:

1. Noise reduction: The mineral wool board uses mineral wool as the main raw material for production, and the mineral wool has developed micropores to reduce sound wave reflection, eliminate echo, and isolate the noise transmitted by the floor.  

2. Sound absorption: Mineral wool board is a porous material, which is composed of numerous micropores, which can reduce sound wave reflection, eliminate echo, and isolate the noise transmitted by the floor. The sound wave hits the surface of the material, part is reflected back, part is absorbed by the plate, and part passes through the plate into the back cavity, which greatly reduces the reflected sound, effectively controls and adjusts the indoor reverberation time, and reduces noise. When used in interior decoration, the average sound absorption rate can reach 0.5 or more, which is suitable for offices, schools, shops and other places.  

3. Sound insulation: The ceiling material effectively cuts off the noise of each room and creates a quiet indoor environment.  

4. Fire resistance: Fire prevention is the primary issue in the design of modern public buildings and high-rise buildings. The mineral wool board is made of non-combustible mineral wool as the main raw material. It will not burn in the event of a fire, thus effectively preventing the spread of fire. , It is the ideal fireproof ceiling material.  

5. Decorative: The surface treatment of mineral wool sound-absorbing board has various forms, and the board has a strong decorative effect.