Perforated aluminium panels

Perforated aluminium panels are aluminum veneer products obtained by punching aluminum veneer, so the appearance is very important. If it is due to insufficient process technology and other reasons, it will affect the appearance of the punched aluminum veneer, so in punching At the time, you must master the precise pattern density, not too dense or too wide. Of course, a professional aluminum veneer supplier will give you the most reasonable punching plan.

The punching shape of perforated aluminium panels is an important parameter that determines the appearance of the product. Generally speaking, the punching of perforated aluminum panels can be designed into round, square, plum blossom and other shapes according to actual needs. The larger the aluminum veneer, the lighter the weight, but the weaker the pressure and tensile strength, which affects the application of Perforated aluminium panels. Therefore, the customer must design the mesh size according to the actual requirements of the project.

In order to achieve the best appearance of Perforated aluminium panels products, the punching link is strictly required, and professional designers will adjust the plan, so that the density of the punching will not be too dense or too wide, so you don’t have to worry about it. For this problem, you can order with confidence,

What factors determine the appearance of Perforated aluminium panels? Excessively dense or too wide punching is an important factor affecting the appearance. The second is the color. Different colors are used in different occasions, so the color is also one of the reasons for the poor appearance. Choose us. It is your better choice. We will provide you with high-quality, qualified and up-to-standard punched aluminum veneers.