Double curved aluminum plate

Double curved aluminum plate is mainly used in high-rise buildings such as external walls, beams and columns, balconies, canopies, airports, stations, hospital conference halls, opera houses, stadiums, reception halls, etc.

Double curved aluminum plate has the appearance display effect, which can create a more personalized building, and can also be designed and processed according to the actual needs of users, so as to better meet the user's personalized selection needs. Hyperbolic aluminum veneer adopts internal structure waterproof and sealing treatment, so as to guarantee its waterproof performance to a greater extent. In addition, the surface of hyperbolic aluminum veneer can be sprayed with various colors, so as to bring different visual effects to people.


  The process difficulty of Double curved aluminum plate is higher than that of single curvature aluminum veneer, which requires high accuracy. Therefore, the price of double curvature aluminum veneer is relatively higher than that of single curvature aluminum veneer. According to the difference of two kinds of radian curvature, double curved aluminum plate is processed by special mold, which has the characteristics of good processing performance and special modeling, and is well received in use.