Decorative thermal insulation aluminum plate

According to the construction characteristics of Decorative thermal insulation aluminum plate, reasonable building structures and node practices were designed, and targeted construction technology and quality control measures were taken, so that the technical research and application of this construction have achieved remarkable results.

1 Features of construction method

(1) Decorative thermal insulation aluminum plate, high degree of factory production, simple on-site installation process, convenient and fast construction, construction environment is not restricted by the environment, installation is very simple, because this product is directly fixed on the wall through the corner code, decorative thermal insulation The integrated board is fixed by stainless steel self-tapping self-drilling screws and connecting corner codes. Therefore, the grassroots can be easily handled, which can greatly shorten the construction period;

Decorative thermal insulation aluminum plate

(2)Environmental protection, no radiation, stable color, strong self-cleaning ability and long service life;

(3) According to the requirements of the building facade, the computerized typesetting style design is adopted, and all panels are produced by factory stereotypes, which are easy to install, reduce pollution, and have no humidity. The operation is not affected by seasonality and saves labor;

(4) The connection between construction procedures is reasonable, and there is a scientific time interval between each link to ensure the continuity of construction and the quality of construction;

(5) Decorative thermal insulation aluminum plates are factory-produced, so the main production site is in the factory. This reduces the construction environment and the impact of construction tools. After the production is completed, it is only necessary to perform operations such as anchoring and seaming on site;

(6) The application of this process can shorten the construction period, greatly improve the work efficiency, and improve the durability of the veneer layer, and greatly reduce the cost. cost of materials and construction [2].

2 Scope of application

Decorative thermal insulation aluminum plate, easy installation and construction, short construction period, good durability of the finish layer, can greatly save construction period, save a lot of energy and labor during use, can be used in commercial buildings, office buildings, theaters, venues and residential buildings.