Decorative aluminum mesh

Decorative aluminum mesh, also known as diamond aluminum plate, has a wide range of applications. The aluminum sheet net made of pure aluminum sheet and aluminum sheet has a very high stability after uniform continuous deep drawing. So far, the decorative aluminum sheet net has been dominant in family decoration. At the same time, the lightweight materials of decorative aluminum sheet net reduce the building load, provide good selection conditions for high-rise buildings, and the colors of decorative aluminum sheet net are diversified, It can be combined with different appearance forms to expand the design space and reduce the decoration cost.

Decorative aluminum mesh

Decorative aluminum mesh is divided into indoor ceiling aluminum mesh and outdoor curtain wall aluminum mesh. Decorative aluminum mesh not only has good strength and hardness, light weight, but also has the advantages of high utilization rate of raw materials, flat and beautiful surface, good lighting performance, good ventilation performance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for all kinds of air pollution environment, simple construction, durability, simple daily maintenance and long service life.


Decorative aluminum mesh hole shape: diamond, round, square, rectangular, strip and flower

Decorative aluminum mesh aperture: 10x25mm   20x40mm   30x60mm   40x80mm   5.0mm   10.0mm   15.00mm   20.00mm  

Decorative aluminum mesh thickness: 2.0mm   2.5mm   3.0mm   3.5mm   4.0mm   4.5mm   5.0mm