Color coated printed aluminum veneer

 Color coated printed aluminum veneer is sprayed with fluorocarbon, and various patterns are drawn on the surface of aluminum veneer by screen printing or spray printing process to enhance its decorative properties. The non adhesion of fluorine coating film makes it difficult to attach pollutants to the surface and has better cleanliness.

Main features:

(1) Highly decorative

(2) Good adhesion and wear resistance

(3) Apply evenly

(4) Easy to clean

(5) The surface is smooth

(6) Cost advantage


Aluminum veneer features light weight, good steel, high strength, tensile strength, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The aluminum plate can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as plane shape, arc shape and spherical shape by the process of processing before painting. Uniform coating and various colors. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between paint and aluminum plate uniform, various colors, large selection space, not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. It is recyclable and beneficial to environmental protection.