Coated aluminum plate

With the rapid development of science and technology, the application of coated aluminum plate is very wide, and there are many kinds, but different types of aluminum, its use is not the same. For example, the roof material is magnesium aluminum manganese coated aluminum plate, the ceiling material is aluminum alloy aluminum coil, and the home appliance plate is generally coated aluminum plate, which is also commonly used in the food field, mainly for packaging box. After different treatment, it can be made into other crafts, which can be seen everywhere in the market.

Features of coated aluminum plate:

  1. It's light in texture, good in color, bright in color, bright in appearance and beautiful in appearance. Now this kind of coated aluminum plate is also used in many decoration.
  2. Good processing, coating aluminum plate processing is very convenient, because the texture is light, the softness is very good, so it is very good processing, and this kind of aluminum will not rust, so it is widely used.
  3. It has good mechanical properties, is not easy to bend, and has a certain hardness.

 Classification of coated aluminum plate:

1、 According to the surface color, it can be divided into polyester, fluorocarbon and epoxy roll. Of course, there are also one side and two sides, one side is fluorocarbon, the other side is polyester, and even both sides are the same color.

2、 According to the thickness of the coating, it can be divided into three types: single coating, which is 40 microns, double coating is 258 microns, and three coating, which is 358 microns.

3、 According to the processing of coated aluminum plate, it can be divided into hammer pattern, diamond and other kinds, with large thickness, some as high as 1.5mm; There are many kinds of coated aluminum plates, which can meet the needs of various fields.