Aluminum strip ceiling panel

Product description of aluminum strip ceiling panel:

The Aluminum strip ceiling panel is neat, generous, compactly arranged, unique in shape, three-dimensional and modern, and the space is generous and stretched. There is a sense of drop, showing high and low interlacing, three-dimensional and dynamic effects. The overall continuity of the board surface and lines is strong, and the lines are smooth, both traditional and fashionable, giving people a comfortable and bright feeling. The slats of different widths and solitary degrees can be adjusted according to the design ideas, so that the design can be varied and beautiful.

Features of aluminum strip ceiling panel:

① The strip ceiling system is distributed in a long strip shape with distinct edges. Due to the installation gap between the gusset and the molding, the ceiling plane presents a high-low staggered, three-dimensional and dynamic effect;

②The ceiling system is regular, generous, compactly arranged, unique in shape, strong in three-dimensional and modern, and very distinctive;

③For ceilings with sound absorption requirements, perforated panels can be selected or sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials such as glass wool felt can be laid in the ceiling structure according to the design regulations. A layer of sound-absorbing cotton paper or black flame-retardant cotton cloth can also be covered on the back of the perforated board, which can reach a certain sound absorption standard;

④ Beautiful appearance and many colors: clear and smooth lines, beautiful and various appearances, with dozens of standard colors, can combine a variety of decorative styles, and create different visual effects;

⑤ More practical, low material loss: any size within 6 meters can be customized according to the site size;

⑥Simple structure: the installation structure is a standard keel snap-on structure, with a flat surface and no gap;

⑦Easy to install and dismantle, and easy to maintain: hoist the keel according to the horizontal line and buckle up the board. Each board is independent, and each board can be disassembled separately, which is easier to maintain;

⑧ Flexible matching: the special keel has fixed-modulus clamping teeth, and the same keel is suitable for flexible matching of multiple board sizes, which can provide consumers with more design ideas and decorative effects.


Application scope of Aluminum strip ceiling panel:

Widely used in open places such as subways, high-speed rail stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, hospitals, passages, leisure venues, entertainment cinemas, building exterior walls, etc.