Aluminum celling

  1. Aluminum square pass

Aluminum squares are generally used for concealed projects in many crowded public places, which facilitates air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation, and at the same time, can distribute light evenly, making the entire space spacious and bright. Aluminum square pass is widely used in subways, high-speed railway stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, passages, leisure places, public toilets, building exterior walls and other open places. Aluminum square pass is a kind of open long strip hanging board, which is composed of aluminum square pass arranged in distance. Long strips are used to hang on the keel for installation test, which hides the keel system visually. The aluminum square-pass ceiling is vertically coherent and thick, and the appearance is simple and elegant with the style of the times.

  1. Aluminum gusset

The aluminum gusset ceiling has a tight structure and strong waterproofness: the installation structure is a windproof special keel snap-on structure, which has strong assembly density, no gaps, and strong waterproofness; The metal ceiling is designed with a windproof card next to each card tooth for wind resistance, which is suitable for outdoor decoration and has high safety.

  1. Aluminum hanging piece

The aluminum hanging piece has an open field of vision, which makes people extremely open-minded, ventilated and breathable, with clear lines and distinct layers. The installation effect of aluminum hanging pieces is simple and clear, which is the style of modern art. The color of the aluminum hanging piece ceiling is diverse, and the wood grain is the most popular color now, and it is also a color that highly imitates the breath of nature, so that people can still feel the existence of nature in the tired work.